Entrepreneurs: practical tips on how to get your message across

Leading communication consultant Pippa Bateman on one of the greatest challenges facing entrepreneurs: how to get your message across

16 Apr 2018

Pippa Bateman, a London-based communications expert, has years of experience assisting established business leaders and entrepreneurs deliver vital speeches and presentations. In many cases these events are pivotal to the success of an individual’s career or, where early-stage businesses are concerned, the entire venture.

Pippa spoke at a recent Cazenove Capital Entrepreneur Group event in London – and this is some of the advice she shared with attendees.

What does your day-to-day work look like?

What do you think is the most powerful method of communication? And why?

What are your top tips for getting your message across?

How can an entrepreneur use communication to build trust with investors or customers?

What is the most effective way for an entrepreneur to articulate their brand proposition?

What are the key ingredients of a successful investor presentation?

If you could give just one piece of communications advice to entrepreneurs, what would it be?



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