Changing the way we report to you

We are making improvements to the way that we report, helping you find the information you want when you want it.

08 Jul 2019

Charities Team

Reporting to you

The familiar thud on the doormat of the quarterly report from your charity investment manager.  Pages and pages of facts, figures and opinions.  Both managers and trustees spend a lot of time writing and reading these missives.  But how useful are they really? 

Here are a few observations:

  • Our current written investment reports range from 20 to 40 pages – these are in addition to the valuations.  Which means trustees might be trying to digest over 50 pages of information per quarter.
  • On average our quarterly report production takes 3 weeks
  • Over the last two quarters the global equity market has moved an average of 8% over those three weeks, rendering the information out of date
  • Valuations and performance statistics for each client portfolio are available daily via eServices.
  • Only a quarter of our investment reports which are sent via secure link are actually viewed
  • Most investment committees meet six monthly or annually
  • Our research "Time and Money" highlighted the dangers of quarterly noise distracting from long term investing

Over the coming months we are moving to a new way of reporting, and have invested in technology to ensure we are delivering the information that you want.

  • The numbers: updated every day on our eServices platform.  Including asset statements, performance, transactions and cashflow information; in a format that can be customised and downloaded – which we know you find particularly useful for audits and management accounting.
  • The words: streamlined quarterly written reports drawing out key valuation and performance information and including a summary of our views.  Available shortly after the quarter end, these are designed to be timely and easily digestible.  This is alongside our monthly market update email, with links to news and views specifically curated for charity investors. 
  • The pictures: comprehensive in person presentations to fit your investment committee meeting timetable.  Focused on the things that matter to you, to help you make the best decisions.
  • The people: drawing on the expertise of your team, available to answer your questions whenever they arise

Our clients are at the centre of all that we do, and we’re pleased that we are able to offer tailored reporting to meet your individual needs and organisational rhythm. 


Charities Team


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